$16,250,000 Monsanto v.Kemner Toxic Tort St. Clair County, IL*
$  9,000,000 Green v. Alton Telegraph Libel Madison County, IL**
$  7,150,000 Bauer v Memorial Hospital Hospital Malpractice, brain damaged child St. Clair County, IL
$  7,000,000 Hooks v. ITT Swimming Pool Accident, Quadriplegia Washington, D.C.***
$  5,750,000 Williams v. St. Joseph’s Medical Malpractice, Intestinal Injury Madison County, IL
$  5,225,000 Hayman v. U-Haul Auto-Trailer Accident,
Leg Injury
St. Clair County, IL
$  4,300,000 Fritzsche v. Union Pacific Crossing Accident, Death Madison County, IL
$  3,847,000 Freislinger v. Emro Propane Gas Leak, Burn Injury U.S. Dist. Court, So. Dist. Of IL
$  3,000,000 Green v. Illini Federal Abuse of Process Madison County, IL
$  2,960,000 Benvenuto v. Great Central Motorcycle-Truck Accident,
Leg Amputation
Madison County, IL
$  2,222,000 Goodson v. Williamson Co.  Wrongful Discharge Wayne County, IL
$  1,500,000 Perry v. City of Alton Paraplegia, Police Shooting Madison County, IL
$  1,357,000 Engles v. Bell Bicyclist-Truck Accident, Head Injury Madison County, IL
$  1,300,000 Hunsaker v. McAulliffe Chiropractic Malpractice, Disc Injury Monroe County, IL
$  1,150,000 Heil v. St. Francis Hospital Medical Malpractice, Foot Amputation Peoria County, IL
$  1,128,000 Webber v. Imperial Bicyclist-Truck Accident, Back Injury St. Louis, MO
   *  Guiness Book of World Records, 1988 World’s Longest Civil Jury Trial
  ** Guiness Book of World Records, 1981-World’s Largest Libel Verdict
*** Guiness Book of World Records, 1976-World’s Largest Personal Injury Jury Verdict


$  7,200,000 Granite Inc. v. Illini Fed Wrongful Foreclosure Madison County, IL
$  5,000,000 Does v. Drug Company Diet Drug Cases, Heart Damage Federal Court, IL
$  5,000,000 J. Doe v. Drug Company Diet Drug,
Heart Valve Replacement
Federal Court, IL
$  4,750,000 Maxwell v.
Natural Gas Pipeline
Gas Explosion, Bodily Injury Fayette County, IL
$  4,000,000 Gaudreault v. Fernandez Medical Malpractice,
Head Injury
Madison County, IL
$  3,000,000 Ruby v. RR Co. Railroad Crossing, Death Jefferson County, IL
$  2,250,000 Lewis v. Goodwin Bicyclist-Truck Accident,
Head Injury
Jasper County, IL
$  2,250,000 Wade v. Hay Baler Company Farm Machinery Accident St. Clair County, IL
$  2,000,000 Sison v. Motor Company Defective Seat Belt, Head Injury U.S. Dist. Ct. Northern Dist. of Indiana
$  1,700,000 Phinney v. Champion Lab, Fall From Roof, Back Injury Jefferson County, IL et, al
$  1,500,000 Tussey v. Drug Company Defective Drug Madison County, IL
$  1,500,000 Eyre v. Mallinckrodt Defective Drug, Arachnoiditis Madison County, IL
$  1,380,000 Doe v. Various Companies Punch Press, Hand Injury U.S.Dist. Court, Southern Dist. of IL
$  1,300,000 Shaw v. Dr. Jackson Birth Injury, Medical Malpractice St. Clair County, IL
$  1,200,000 Perry v. Memorial Hosp. Medical Malpractice,
Jackson County, IL
$     850,000 Ill. Cardiac Surgeons v. Legal Malpractice Peoria County, IL Sutowski
$     775,000 J. Doe v. Nursing Home Decubitis Ulcers,
Nursing Home Neglect
St. Clair County, IL